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31 December 2011 @ 06:43 pm
2011 Vid Meme  
Vids I Made In 2011:
February: TW- A Walk through Hell, Farscape-Meds, Angel-Numb
June: Mulit- How Far We Come (w/Astarte), Multi-Those Days (w/Astarte)
July: White Collar - The Way We Get By
August: xf - Glycerine, xf-Teenagers, DS9-Into the Fire
September: xf-Trouble
October: xf-Little Lion Man, DrWho- Matches to Paper Dolls
December: xf-It's Not over, Community-No Children

I've posted 14 vids this year. Those Days was started a few years ago. I was practically done but... Well Astarte was Astarte. A Walk through Hell was also mostly done years ago too but I since I didn't have the emotional strength to look at it again I never put the finishes on until Feb. It was however the first vid I made using MKVs.

My favorite video this year
I'm going retro with DS9 Into the Fire. I had started it years and years ago but was stucking trying to make it episodic but then my parents started watching the series again and I started to rework almost all I had done. I always like noting when My father actually likes and understands my vids.

My least favorite video this year
xf-Little Lion Man. I don't know why, probably because I had so long to look at it before it was posted.

Most successful video
Matches to Paperdolls and No Children

Most fun video
How far we've come. Anything with Astarte is fun.

Biggest vid fail:
For some reason for most of this year I kept forgetting to make my timelines/exports progressive and wondered why I was getting lines in transitions.

Hardest video to make:
Those Days, after two years on the shelf I had to vid an intro.

Most unintentionally telling video:
Matches to Paper Dolls, I never so blanetely ripped off one of Astarte's songs so quickly. But she gave me the damn album and it was perfect for Doctor Who.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this year:
Finish the damn xf vid challenge, even though I think once I get past s7, I'm doing vidlets for other characters while Astarte keeps at it with Scully.

Happy New Year Everybody!
astartexx: House Cameron - Coffee firstastartexx on January 1st, 2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
'Matches to Paper Dolls' really was perfect for River Song and the vid is so very pretty.

I just love vidding with you, it makes it so much fun. Love you, babe.