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28 October 2011 @ 09:22 pm
New Video: Little Lion Man (Mulder S4)  

Song: Little Lion Man - Mumford & Son
Fandom: X-Files
Length: 3:39
Summary: Wasted on fixing all the problems, that you made in your own head, Mulder never knew where to draw the line and nearly loses himself.
Links: permalink | Mediafire

Notes: My submission for me and Astarte's X-Files Season 4 Vid challenge. I've been done for a while waiting for Astarte and today I didn't even know she started and she told me she was done, so i scrambled to do my final export and realized I don't remember what I was thinking remember what. Mulder suffering? what else is there. Also Ryan gave me the song. He always gives me the best music.
astartexx: XF MS - F*ck the lawastartexx on October 29th, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
He always does - he is your music genie. Yeah and you can never go wrong with Mulder suffering.
Semi-Obsessive Mesol_se on October 31st, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
I love this so much. Mulder!! Really great job.
xandra_ptv: x pityxandra_ptv on November 8th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
Thank you. Finding music for mulder is getting harder and harder.
amyhitamyhit on November 18th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
Right from the start, I like the quick rythmic cuts of different aspects of Mulder's life. I often think of Mulder as someone who's depth of personality is only recognizable if you look at the things he surrounds himself with, rather than at Mulder himself, and this really exemplifies that. Who is Fox Mulder? Who is this "little lion man"? He's the x on his window, the missing sister, the desire to believe, the badge, the nameplate, Scully. So that when you then segue into cuts of Mulder himself, it seems more meaningful.

I wish there had been some kind of brief intro to the vid, though, so that I didn't always end up missing half of these quick intro flashes before I could get my attention trained on the screen.

Ooh, there are three little plink-y piano notes that play during the clip of Mulder pitching the baseball in 'Home', and each note lines up with his motion. I can't tell if that was deliberate or fluke, but it's great.

"You'll never be what is in your heart" --- the cloth hearts make a great literal/non-literal match to the lyric.

Good transition into the chorus, from the deep discontent of Never Again, into the image of Mulder's hand locked with Scully's in 'Unrhue'.

Oh, wow, there are several layers of associations you can make between "It was your heart on the line," and the hostage scene with Roche on the bus. I love that.

Mulder running! To the strummy urgent guitar! Yay!

Oh man, the clip of stricken Mulder looking at his comatose mother is perfect.

I don't like the short slow-motion clip over the line "your boldness stands along above the wreck". Tossed in amongst the quick shuddery clips before it (which I love), it throws the rythm of for me.

I like the sexy smirky clip of Mulder looking up as Scully from the bed, over "didn't I my dear?" Amongst all the serious angsting going on, this bit of flirtation is a nice bit of Mulder at his most charming.

I really like this vid (and I've always thought of this as a Mulder song) because in my mind it avoids a lot of the obnoxious "manpain" cliches. Yes, it's about poor tormented Mulder, but the choruses are honest as well: Other people end up with their hearts on the line for Mulder, and he fucks things up. He means well, he tries his hardest, but he's wasting so much of his good intentions on fixing the problems he makes in his own head. I feel the most empathy for him in light of his empathy for others. This vid is really good for that.

The title of the song alone is kind of perfect. "Little Lion Man." My thought being, does that mean 'brave and small' or 'cowardly and big'? I'd say both, in some measure.
xandra_ptvxandra_ptv on November 18th, 2011 01:51 am (UTC)
HAHA! someone understood my 'trappings of Mulder' montage!

Sorry about that, I usually through a title up first but for some reason I conformed to Astarte's way for this challenge.

I had to speed the baseball scene up some to get it there. it looked wrong when it wasn't on point with the music.

With this vid I couldn't decide if I wanted it to be more literal or not. I really started vidding at the second verse. And when i wanted to uses clips from paper hearts it all just came to me.

>I don't like the short slow-motion clip over the line "your boldness >stands along above the wreck". Tossed in amongst the quick shuddery >clips before it (which I love), it throws the rythm of for me.
unfortunately I didn't have any options for that clip if I wanted to use it. It was the only clear shot of Mulder while they were having a time jump! Oh how I wished I had cut footage from that.

It seems like you really got this vid. This was my vid to show how Mulder being him went from surviving through to suicidal during the season. It's not all down hill but it wasn't enough to make his okay again. Not for long enough anyway.

Originally I though this song would work with the self-hating vibe of s5 but I needed the Samantha stuff and his mother. Anyway I always like to tell the truth of his situation. I think it help only being one season.

Thanks. I love getting feedback like this.