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16 September 2011 @ 03:38 pm
30 Days of Vidding Meme - Day 28  
Day 28 – Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether vidding together, or having an artist or writer work on a piece about your vid?

Astarte, Astarte, Astarte. It started as a Wedding present for Charmax... then we turned into "Mindfuck Entertainment" and "Astandra Lay Productions". We posted our second video before our first could be seen, and then started our third... that took how LONG ASTARTE??!! (not my fault you're so slow) She only speeds up when she's worried I'd finish the vid myself. So now I know how to muscle her and "How Far We've Come" only took a few days to churn out. She's my bitch.

Are videos together are very different from the ones we do on our own. I think that if we weren’t doing our meta themed multi-fandom and just trying to make a normal vid, with a normal song, only telling one story, our vids never would have worked. Can you say Fandom clash!

Way back when I helped Ryan out with his vids. I did one section in his Our House buffy vid and another section in his Slay Him vid epic. As payback for Our House I think he did a section of my Angel video Walking on the Sun. But our collaborations we never to the extent as the ones with Astarte, the video was rarely considered both of ours.